The Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation announced today that it has approved more than $3,000,000 in grants to various entities for their continued work on basic scientific research.  We are pleased to support the following research projects:

  • Professor Nicholas Ingolia, University of California Berkeley: Create an innovative technique to link guide RNA’s with alterations in protein-level molecular phenotypes, such as altered phosphorylation or ubiquitylation.
  • Professor Manish Aghi, University of California San Francisco: Identifying and targeting cancer-associated fibroblasts in the perivascular niche of glioblastoma.

The Curci Foundation also extended its support of the following entities:

  • Life Sciences Research Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland. Supporting three post-doctoral fellowships.
  • Science Philanthropy Alliance, Washington, D.C. The Curci Foundation is an Associate Member of this community of funders who work together to inspire new, emerging and current philanthropists.