Kay Curci
Board Member, Co-Founder of the Shurl & Kay Curci Foundation

In 2006, Mrs. Curci co-founded The Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation with her husband, Shurl, who has since passed away. Kay and Shurl were Southern California natives, born and raised in the Great Depression and the ensuing Second World War. The Curcis met in high school and subsequently married, establishing a partnership that spanned more than six decades.

Growing up under such difficult economic conditions left a profound impression on both of them, including the value of hard work and economic responsibility. These values served them well, resulting in a real estate portfolio that exceeded their grandest expectations. Upon reflection of their lives, they decided to establish the Curci Foundation to give back to the world that had given them so much. The Curci Foundation’s primary goal is to fund basic scientific research that historically is not funded by governments or other foundations.

In addition to raising a family together, the Curcis were avid self-guided world travelers, visiting numerous countries on six continents. They liked to experience various cultures by interacting with local inhabitants and trying the local cuisine without any buffers. This also gave them a unique perspective in understanding how truly fortunate they were for being born and raised in Southern California. Her travels inspired Mrs. Curci to study abroad, enrolling in total immersion programs in foreign countries to refine her language skills.  She was sometimes embedded with local families to more deeply appreciate their cultures, and ultimately became fluent in three languages. These experiences led her to other interests such as art collection, interior design and literature. She participated in the interior design of several of the Curcis’ real estate developments, including the budgeting and procurement of all of the art, furniture and design of a new hotel in Hawaii.

In the last decade, Mrs. Curci has become a prominent philanthropist, contributing tens of millions of dollars to the Curci Foundation while being actively involved as a director, assuring that it fulfills its mission as envisioned by the Curcis.